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Over the years, there have been thousands of horses with problems that have been helped by feeding all natural Equine Leg Magic. Here are some stories and a television interview.


Flower a 15 year old mare in Aug. 09 before we started her on ELM. rescued about 4 years ago an auction - feet were abscessed, she had lice underweight, pregnant & had a foal by her side. Angel fromTAILS Rescue gained her confidence, fed her well & found homes for her babies. Supposedly was used as a bucking horse. She has been here for over a year and in June 09 she began to limp front and back. her front knees crack - walked slowly & sometimes set her back legs down carefully & purposefully - until now, last time we saw her run was a painful looking trot follow the others in June 09 - next video of her after Equine Leg Magic - she runs kicks & has some fun.


After 6 mo of Equine Leg Magic Flower the white horse, a 15 year old rescue horse whose knees cracked & had severe pain when she walked now runs without a limp.



This is a 2008 interview on the television show "In the Company of Horses" with Tina Trenner and Equine Leg Magic formulator, Dr. Kay Kelley.

Catawba is a an 8 year old pony (British Warmblood and New Forest Pony cross). Before Catherine bought him he had been used in a riding program with ill fitting saddles that created back problems so severe he was not rideable. Eventulally he was lunged, exercised, fitted with the right saddle and Catherine started riding him. Catawba's trot stride was short and choppy. He could not go into a canter. It was at this time that he was started on Equine Leg Magic.

After one month on Equine Leg Magic Catawba has a lengthened trot stride and is able to move into a canter. He has become playful and much more fit. Catherine was so pleased with the results, she is putting two other horses on Equine Leg Magic.

Catherine Respess, Atlanta

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